We Take Dance Seriously

At T.Milly Creative we believe that the fusion of dance and film is the ultimate form of expression.  Working closely with the most influential dancers and choreographers in the industry, we specialize in using dance to promote brands, products, and music.

Our founder Tim Milgram has directed hundreds of videos featuring dance, spearheading a hot new trend of viral dance content with billions of organic views across social media.

Over a hundred million people are consuming dance content on a regular basis.  Our ongoing mission is to captivate this growing audience and find creative ways to help you reach them.

Our Work

Partners & Collaborators

Partners & Collaborators


“… making magic behind the camera”
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“… better than anything you’ve ever seen”
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This is the dance break your Sunday needs”
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Your mind is about to be blown.”


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almost impossible not to go H.A.M just watching”
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It’s no secret that Tim Milgram and viral dance videos go hand-in-hand.”
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